We believe in the value of your ideas, regardless your firm size or if you are beginning.

We understand the needs of each client. We offer our personalized advice and registration. We support the value of your Patent. Thanks to our big experience we have a very high percentage of accepted registrations of National, European and International Patents.

Why is registering a Patent important?

A Patented Invention gives an exclusive use and entitles the owner to:

  • Create a “company value” and also an asset of the company.
  • Confer license, franchise and receive royalties.
  • Prevent all third parties from producing or using in the course a product or a procedure.
  • Exercise legal proceedings and claim for damages.

Our services include:

  • Patent Searches in National and International data base.
  • Technical and Legal assessment to file Patents.
  • Search of Previous Inventions.
  • Patentability and registrability studies.
  • Filing for European Patents and worldwide PCT.
  • Appeals at the different relevant Offices.
  • Abbreviated procedure patent.
  • Proprietor transfer and certificates.
  • Perform an appraisal of Patents and Utility Models.
  • License contracts.
  • Notarized requirements and affidavits.
  • Legal actions against infringement rights.
  • Legal verdicts.
  • Expert reports.

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